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Professional Email Reports for Agencies that use Campaign Monitor

Save time and add value with professional looking, simple to analyze email campaign reports for your internal and external stakeholders.

Email Marketing Report Software for Agencies

Impress Your Email Marketing Clients

CM Reports is ideally suited for agencies. Manage your clients from one dashboard, just like Campaign Monitor. Generate comprehensive reports branded with your logo in a fraction of the time it would take to manually cobble it together. Add your analysis and recommendations in the report. Automatically generate and distribute reports through the notification engine, making sharing campaign results incredibly simple.

Instantly Add Value


CM Reports integrates with your master Campaign Monitor account, enabling you to import an unlimited number of client accounts and campaigns. From there, start generating professionally formatted campaign reports within seconds and impress clients and internal stakeholders alike. Reports are available online or in PDF format. You can even add your own insights to every report.

 Email Marketing Report Software for Agencies-Instantly Add Value
 Email Marketing Report Software for Agencies-Automate Generation & Distribution

Automate Generation & Distribution


Stop wasting time and effort manually creating email reports for clients after every campaign. CM Reports helps you shine and save hours by automating the generation and distribution of email reports to an unlimited number of internal and external stakeholders. Clients, account managers, sales teams, and product managers will love you for it.

Branded Reports for Your Agency


CM Reports is an agency-friendly application developed by marketers for marketers. You can upload your agency logo and generate professionally formatted reports under your banner. Reports are available online or in PDF format.

Email Marketing Report Software-Branded Reports for Your Agency

Key Benefits for Agencies and Multi-Team Companies

Manage all your clients' Campaign Monitor accounts in one simple dashboard

Client Overview - Agency Email Marketing Report Software

Add your own insights and analysis to every campaign report

Report Summary - Agency Email Marketing Report Software

Retrieve, sort, and compare an unlimited number of email campaigns.
New campaigns are automatically pulled on a daily basis.

Email Campaign List - Email Marketing Report Software

Easily view recipient details including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces.

Email Recipient Details - Email Marketing Report Software

Choose to automatically generate and distribute reports 1 to 5 days after campaign is sent. 

Email Report Automation - Email Marketing Report Software

Distribute reports automatically or manually to an unlimited number of internal and external stakeholders

Send Email Reports Automatically - Email Marketing Report Software

View reports online or download in PDF for easy distribution to internal teams, salespeople, and other stakeholders.

Download Email Report PDF - Email Marketing Report Software



Manage all clients from one dashboard, just like Campaign Monitor.


Generate professional, comprehensive campaign reports in seconds.


Purchase reports through your agency credit card, or the client’s card, whichever you prefer.



Once a report is generated and reviewed, add your analysis and recommendations so campaign insights can be shared.



Select who should receive reports, CM Reports will distribute campaign results and analysis to clients and internal team members.



Auto-generate reports, select how many days after the campaign you want reports to be auto-generated.


Reports are generated on a web page for ease of navigation, ability to add campaign insights.


Download reports from web to PDF for easy distribution to clients and internal teams.


Reports are well laid out for ease of analysis and review. Clickable navigation takes you to selected areas within the report.

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