The Client: New Zealand Based Email Marketing Agency

Newsletter Ready Ltd. is a New Zealand based agency that manages email marketing for small businesses across various sectors. The company creates personalized monthly newsletters on behalf of its clients, manages their contact databases, and provides comprehensive reporting after each newsletter is sent.

Jef Kay, the founder of Newsletter Ready, also owns Easy Social Media, a social media agency. The company uses a technology called Sprout Social in this business, so Jef was well aware of the need for a comprehensive reporting capability for his newsletter service offering.

The Problem: A Gap in Sophisticated Autogenerated Reports 

When Jef started researching email distribution platforms for Newsletter Ready, one of the key requirements was for detailed email reporting that could be automatically generated and distributed. He researched several technologies including Mail Chimp and was surprised to find they didn’t have the same level of reporting sophistication as his social tool.

When he contacted Campaign Monitor, they recommended Core CM Reports, an automated reporting tool endorsed for its email distribution system. The availability of Core CM Reports was the key factor when Newsletter Ready selected Campaign Monitor as its email platform of choice.

The Solution: Core CM Reports 

Designed by marketers for marketers, Core CM Reports auto-generates and distributes comprehensive email reports. The software allows agencies to add their analysis before a report is distributed to the appropriate stakeholders or can be sent automatically without analysis. Reports are issued both as links to web pages as well as in PDF format.

After speaking with a representative of Core CM Reports, Jef was appreciative of their attentiveness and responsiveness. The level of professional customer service was in stark contrast to other technology providers he had experienced.

In terms of the technology, Jef was impressed with the “lovely user experience” and the ease with which he could navigate the user interface. He also found the Core CM Reports solution very cost-effective.

Jef was pleased Core CM Reports is capable of packaging and distributing email reports in an easy-to-read PDF format since he did not want his clients to have to log into a dashboard. The PDF feature meant “we could get the results right in front of them.”

He found the software “incredibly straightforward to use,” which is important as he adds new members to the Newsletter Ready team. He projects the agency will secure 250 clients over the next 12 months. Core CM Reports will allow him to handle that level of growth.

Jef stated that “I am getting my ROI because I’m delivering the timely, detailed reports I promised my clients with zero time required by my staff.”

The combination of Campaign Monitor and Core CM Reports has turned into a winning combination for Newsletter Ready.

Do you need a comprehensive, automated reporting solution for Campaign Monitor? Get started today with a complimentary report so you can experience the power of Core CM Reports for yourself.

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